ZooLab Jungle Room Tours (All Ages)


The ZooLab Jungle Room is an intimate animal handling, indoor rainforest experience, like no other – in the heart of central Scotland.

With its magnificent rock-work, jungle vines and, of course, selection of amazing rainforest animals, the dramatic setting of the jungle makes for the perfect family outing! The ZooLab Jungle Room tours are somewhere you can meet animals that include a chameleon, caiman lizard and sugar glider – and see a 9ft Burmese python!

Our group of explores meet a huge variety of animals and even having the chance hold a few! Each tour will last around 45 minutes. Please click here to book in advance and check timings.   


Price -

  • Adult (age 15+) - £5.00
  • Child 2-15 - £4.00
  • Under 2s - Free
  • Family Ticket - £15.00 (2 adults, 2 kids)
  • Concession/students - £4.50

Themed Weekends

Reopening party – 30th June – 1st July

Celebrate with us during our REOPENING PARTY. There will be lots of fun crafting in the foyer, tours and animal handling!


Endangered Species Weekend - 14th July - 15th July

During our tours, you will learn all about endangered species and the methods that are being used to keep them alive! Meet creatures that are vulnerable to extinction and find out how others in The ZooLab Jungle Room  have adapted to survive. 
Animals will include the Burmese python, Horsfield tortoise, crested gecko, Dumeril’s boa, Chilean rose tarantula and emperor scorpion.


Africa Weekend - 28th July - 29th July

Focusing on the habitats of Africa and The ZooLab Jungle Room inhabitants that can be found there. Meet our royal python, chameleon, cockroaches, snails, millipedes, hedgehog, Horsfield tortoises, Dumeril’s boa, and emperor scorpion.